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Leather and Related Materials Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020


Working Group Activities and Projects 2017–2020:

Specific themes for investigation

  • Conservation materials and methodologies: stimulate the development, the improvement or the assessment of conservation materials and techniques for leather and related materials.
  • Support the development of new analytical approaches for the characterization of leather, skin and parchment, in particular non-invasive and micro-invasive techniques to gain information on the technologies and degradation.
  • Leather, skin and parchment technologies: encourage studies on the history and original technologies of leather artifacts of historic and artistic value from different countries, based both on scientific investigation and study of archival documents, technical sources and literature.
  • Preventive conservation: favor the development of strategies, guidelines on environmental conditions for leather, skin and related materials in museums, churches, libraries, archives and historic houses. Research and preventive conservation projects on the issue of low energy storage and display.



  • Interim meetings and post prints publications: Organisation of one interim meeting involving solely our Working Group in order to really focus on leather and related materials. The meeting would take place in Europe between autumn 2018 and autumn 2019.
  • Triennial Conference in Beijing in 2020. Encourage members to contribute papers that will address the Working Group and the conference themes.


  • Newsletters. Publication of a newsletter about once a year that is supplemented by direct communication through e-mails when new information comes out or when an update on our Working Group activities needs to be shared.


  • Archival issues, publications: Listing past publications organised by the Working Group as part of the ICOM-CC publication online project. Facilitate the collection of copyright authorizations from authors so that all publications can be put online.
  • Training programs and masters’ theses: List and publish on the Working Group webpage the international training programs related to leather conservation. Each year, list and disseminate through Group e-mail or within the Group newsletter masters’ theses published focusing on leather conservation.





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