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Graphic Documents Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017

Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:

  • We want to attract more members to the Working Group from all continents representing conservators working in institutions, in private practice, in training and conservation scientists: by personal invitation and by the meetings of the Working Group.
  • We are planning to communicate with the members by short news and a newsletter (one per year) on the ICOM-CC website and by e-mail.
  • We will organise an Interim Meeting in 2016 in Europe.
  • We want to develop an excellent program for the Triennial Conference in 2017 that is relevant for our members.
  • The Working Group aims to function as an interface between research and application to improve the interaction between conservation practice and research by inviting participants and papers from both areas.
  • Communication and exchange, at meetings and by news, will cover paper, parchment and book conservation including different media on paper and parchment.
  • We will discuss the impact of digitisation on conservation and collection management.
  • The Working Group wants to provide a network of mutual support, of information on current developments and of discussion about the future of conservation.

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