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The Glass Deterioration Group  of ICOM-CC Glass & Ceramics Working Group is an informal subgroup, which aims to facilitate the contact between people interested in glass deterioration and to inform on the different projects currently taking place in that field. It gathers conservators and conservation scientists with a focus on glass and/or glass containing objects as well as scientists at research centers or universities studying glass outside the field of conservation.

The Glass Deterioration subgroup is now composed of 75 members from 22 different countries and the members are encouraged to contact each other’s directly to discuss, share or collaborate on specific projects.

A literature database containing over 950 references related to glass deterioration was created (see the subsection GLASS DETERIORATION within Working Group Documents). We are working on transferring the literature survey on into a document readable with literature management software (licensed or free). The database counts on members for regular updates. So please send us your glass deterioration references!

There will be a recurring section in the general Glass and Ceramics Newsletter, which will include short introductions of individual group members and research projects as well as informing members of recent publications and upcoming events/conferences related to glass deterioration. It would also be a great resource for someone looking for examples/samples of a specific type of glass deterioration.

In addition to the newsletter and the literature survey we continue to update the list of members and their activities. If your information has changed, please let us know!


Glass Deterioration Colloquium - Extended Abstracts, State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, February 20 - 21, 2015.


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