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Newsletter: call for contributions

The Newsletter publishes news, articles, reports, conference and workshop information, conference and book reviews and miscellaneous information. It is published in electronic format on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Our first ‘Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures: Conservation Newsletter’ was published in March 2015. Download it here: "" Submissions are currently being accepted for Number 2. Please send to the editors, Renata Peters and Catherine Smith.

Past issues of the Newsletter are accessible in the Documents section of this website.


  • There is currently a discussion going on within the membership concerning whether to change the name of this Working Group; updates were provided in Newsletters #32, 33, 34, & 35. For further info or to send input on this question, contact the Coordinator
  • Submissions are welcome on an ongoing basis for posting on the Biocides in Collections web-page.
  • The e-Proceedings of the Forum on the Conservation of Thangkas which was held during the ICOM-CC Conference in New Delhi, are now published. 
  • The ICOM-CC Working Group on Ethnographic Collections held its Working Group Session and Business Meeting during the ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference in Melbourne. The talks and posters are listed below.

- ‘Te Hono Ki Aotearoa - The Link to New Zealand – Kaupapa Waka in the Netherlands’ by Farideh Fekrsanati,
- ‘A protocol for use and preservation of a new traditional possum skin cloak used in University ceremonies’ by Holly Jones-Amin, Shaun Ewen and Mandy Nicholson.
- ‘Substituting SPME for Noses in the Detection and Quantification of Mothball Vapors from Textiles in the National Museum of the American Indian Collection’ by Odile Madden, Robyn Hodgkins and Susan Heald.
- ‘Woven Wonders: Revitalizing Collections and Community Relationship’ by Nancy Odegaard, Marilen Pool and Gina Watkinson.
- ‘Using UV fluorescence to characterize feather deterioration: Correlations between photochemical damage and UV fluorescence of feathers’ by Ellen Pearlstein, Melissa Hughs, Joy Mazurek, Kevin McGraw, Christel Pesme and Miguel Garcia-Garibay.
- ‘Identifying collagen-based materials in a museum laboratory’ by Ellen Promise, T. Rose Holdcraft and Sven Haakanson.
- ‘Micro-computed tomography; plant identification in artefacts’ by Catherine Smith and Bronwyn Lowe.
- ‘The Analysis of Pesticide Residues on the Cook-Voyage Collections in the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford’ by Jeremy Uden, Andrew Charlton and Kelly Domoney.
‘A different approach for treating skin loss on taxidermy’ Lucie Graham (in collaboration with the Working Group on Natural History Collections).
These papers are available within the ICOM-CC Triennial Preprint.


- ‘Stitching Values: A Preservation Proposal for the Bolivians Costumes Used in the Corpus Christi and Virgin de Guadalupe Festivities in the Colonial Andes’ by Amanda Cordeiro, Luiz Souza & Renata Peters.
- ‘Analysis of the state of preservation and determination of raw material of Palaeolithic mammoth ivory personal ornaments (Dolní Věstonice, Czech Republic) using Micro Computed Tomography’ by Martina Lázničková-Galetová, Tomáš Zikmund, Marie Śejnohová and Jozef Kaiser.
- ‘Tactile memory reawakened: What evidence of use of a hunting quiver communicates with us about the Ainu delegate of Japan-British Exhibition in 1910 by Misa Tamura & Jeremy Uden.

  • Members can send messages or announcements to each other or to a wider circle of interested colleagues by emailing the Coordinator Renata Peters.


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