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Who Is in this Group?

As of March 2013, there are approximately 100 members and 200 additional interested parties who contribute to the various activities of this Working Group: about 40% are from Europe, 40% from North America and the rest from other countries in the world. Anyone interested in taking part should contact Renata Peters


Statistics (as of March 2013): this working group consists of:

• 101 ICOM Members or Friends of ICOM-CC, or with institutional membership.
• 200 additional interested parties who contribute through various means (e.g. submission of articles, messages or announcements).

Areas of specialization and work environment:

• 88% are conservators, including conservation educators (21 or 9%) and managers; others include curators, conservation scientists, collection care specialists, Native heritage experts and consultants.
• 75% specialize in ethnographic objects or in objects. Other specialties include: Archaeological Objects, Native Issues, Preventive Conservation, Textiles, Leather, Metals, Pottery, Paper and Archival Documents, Wood, Sculpture, Musical Instruments, Paintings, Wall Paintings, Natural History, Plastics, Rock Art, Management.
• 49 work in the private sector (18%).
• 23 are students (9%).





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