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Education and Training in Conservation Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017


Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:

Communication, use of the website, Working Group newsletters

  • The Working Group aims to provide a yearly newsletter and maintain a blog available via the Working Group forum page.

 Archival issues, publications

  • Archives will be kept of past meetings and results on the back pages of the Working Group page on the ICOM-CC website.

 Membership actions (lists of qualifications, field of research, specific expertise, local facilities)

  • The Working Group aims to map membership qualifications and explore ways to accomplish this within the ICOM rules of privacy.

 Plans for interim meetings, symposia, workshops and related publications

  • The Working Group will organise one joint Interim Meeting with EnCore to coincide with their next General Assembly in spring 2016. One topic to be considered for this meeting would be the role of PhD research in conservation. The venue for this is likely to be the Hamilton Kerr Institute/University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
  • The Working Group will organise a second joint Interim Meeting with the Scientific Research Working Group on the topic of conservation science education. The venue for this is likely to be Boston, Cambridge, USA.

Plans for partnerships /cooperation with other Working Groups or ICOM International Committees

  • ICCROM’s initiative in providing a study of conservation science literature will be encouraged by the Working Group. Similarly further collaboration with EnCore to create a database of conservation Master theses will be supported.
  • Matching research projects carried out by leading institutions and academic programmes with students will be attempted.
  • Creating means for teaching staff to exchange lectures and material will be facilitated. 

History projects

  • The Working Group will endeavour to contribute to the ICOM-CC 50th Anniversary History Project.


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