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Documentation Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020


Working Group Activities and Projects 2017–2020:

Specific themes for investigation/research

  • Use of digital technologies in documentation of 2D and 3D objects 

  • Promote the use of imaging techniques to 
in the field of conservation
  • Digitization of conservation documentation records to enhance their use
  • Glossary for documentation
  • Role of imaging techniques in documentation and as a tool for examination
  • Standardization of terms used in documentation of art objects
  • Documentation procedures for cultural heritage



  • Organization of joint interim meeting.

The Documentation Working Group will organize a joint interim meeting in India with either the ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Working Group or with the Paintings Working Group.


  • Newsletter
    The Documentation Working Group will produce a newsletter each year during the current triennium. The Working Group will release the newsletter in the month of July each year until the Triennial Conference 2020.
  • Updates on website
    Distribute notifications of 
events, meetings, conferences,etc. 
relevant to

  • Increase
Group membership with the help of social media
    The Group will encourage ICOM/ICOM-CC students and professionals to join the Working Group through the Group webpage in order to make it active and vibrant. The social media sites; Facebook and Linkedin will be used for this purpose.


  • Manual of Imaging techniques
    During the current triennium the Documentation Working Group will produce guidelines for the imaging techniques involved in the documentation of cultural heritage. The guidelines will be presented at Triennial Conference in 2020.

  • Collaboration with the ICOM International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC)
    This project will seek to forge links with the documentation work carried out by CIDOC and will promote the use of documentation standards and semantic web technologies for conservation documentation.



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