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Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017

Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:

  • Improve communication of the Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Working Group through use of the ICOM-CC webpage with the aim of reaching a wide audience of professionals and facilitating exchange of information and networking.
  • Organize an Interim Meeting over the next three years, subject to logistical and funding requirements.
  • Hold workshops in areas of interest to the Working Group, which will include one to coincide with the next Triennial Conference.
  • Promote ICOM-CC and increase membership numbers in all subject areas covered by the working Group; encourage greater participation from less represented geographic regions.
  • Identify specific themes of research and investigation of interest to Working Group members
  • Encourage an exciting Working Group program at the next Triennial Conference in Copenhagen 2017.
  • Seek partnerships and cooperation with other Working Groups in the organization of collaborative symposia, workshops and meetings.

Specific themes of research and investigations:

  • Use of in situ non-invasive, non-destructive analytical and imaging techniques.
  • Methods to assess and evaluate the influence of cleaning on surfaces.
  • Methods to reduce past treatment materials in porous materials.
  • Environmentally driven causes of deterioration and environmental control measures.
  • Condition monitoring methods and techniques.
  • Training and capacity building for in situ conservation.
  • Community involvement in the management and conservation of sites.
  • Raising awareness of rock art and its conservation threats.




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