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Download Painted Wood as a Climate Indicator? -- Experiences from a condition survey of painted wooden panels and environmental monitoring in Läckö Castle, a dehumidified historic building

FilenameWFL Bylund ICOM-CC Interim Rome 2010.pdf
Uploaded onMonday 24 May 2010
AuthorCharlotta Bylund Melin et al
EditorMalgorzata Sawicki
Publishing year2010

Textiles Working Group, Multidisciplinary Conservation: A Holistic View for Historic Interiors, ICOM-CC Interim Meeting, Rome 2010

(Categories: Leather and Related Materials > Joint Interim Meeting Rome 2010; Murals, Stone and Rock Art > Joint Interim Meeting Rome 2010; Textiles > Joint Interim Meeting Rome 2010; Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decorations > Joint Interim Meeting Rome 2010; Wood, Furniture and Lacquer > Joint Interim Meeting Rome 2010)

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