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Download Glass and Ceramics Newsletter 20 (Spring 2011)

Uploaded onTuesday 26 April 2011
AuthorGerhard Eggert
EditorKate van Lookeren Campagne
Publishing year2011

The Glass & Ceramics WG happily announces the electronic publication of its 20th Newsletter 'Glass and Ceramics Conservation'.
Reports cover our Interim Meeting Oct. 2010 in Corning and their preprints, the preparations for the upcoming ICOM-CC Triennial Conference, and the work of our specialist groups GLASS DETERIORATION, HISTORY, and ENAMEL. Announcements for conferences, the postprints of Forum 2009, and an exhibition on flooded objects and their conservation can also be found. Project news report from ceramics conservation in Cambodia (Phnom Borei burials).
ICOM-CC members can download it from the WG pages.

(Categories: Glass and Ceramics > Newsletters)

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