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Sep 2016

ICOM-CC Joint Working Group Interim Meeting on Physical Issues in the Conservation of Paintings:

Thursday 29 September - Friday 30 September 2016
(Categories: Documentation, Paintings, Preventive Conservation)

The mechanical and structural behavior of paintings is an important field encompassing a number of topics in conservation ranging from their measurement and evaluation; how to record and document the condition and changes occurring; and how to monitor, analyze and predict potential problems. The interim meeting will bring together a diverse range of experts and professionals to address the various issues, methodologies, research and solutions currently being used. Suggested Topics: Tools, techniques and methods for measuring and evaluating, the mechanical and structural behavior of paintings, Transfer of low frequency vibrations to paintings, The role of the frame on the pattern of canvas and wooden, support, Auxiliary supports for panel paintings, Mitigating vibrations (stretcher designs, etc.), Logistics management, Case studies
The conference will take place over two days (29-30th September 2016) and is organized by the ICOM-CC Paintings, Preventive Conservation and Documentation Working Groups in association with the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP) and the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. Location: Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art (INHA), 6 rue des Petits Champs, Paris 75002, France
Instructions for Authors: Authors who wish to present complete or on-going work, research or relevant case studies are invited to submit a short abstract for peer review. Accepted authors will be invited to submit an extended abstract for inclusion in a meeting proceedings that will be available both at the
meeting itself and online.
Important Dates:
Short abstract (200-300 words) submission by the end of February 2016
Accepted authors will be asked to submit an extended abstract by the end of June 2016 for inclusion in the proceedings
Registration fees: €50 for the 2 days. Presenters and students free.


For further details or for abstract submission, please contact:

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