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Apr 2012

Working Group Interim Meeting Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decorations 2012

Friday 13 April - Saturday 14 April 2012
(Categories: Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decorations)

This two day symposium will focus on artistic traditions within the field of polychrome sculpture relating to construction techniques. This meeting is intended to follow on from the successful symposium held in Maastricht (October 2010) and is hosted by The Burrell Collection, one of Glasgow’s most prestigious museums.

Emphasis is given to papers and posters presenting information regarding the construction processes within the field of polychrome sculpture and the conservation treatment of these artworks. It is hoped that a wide variety of three-dimensional polychrome supports will be addressed, including wood, terracotta, ceramic, ivory, metal, etc. Furthermore, comparisons between practices developed in different artistic circles will be given prominence.

Programme SPAD Interim Meeting 2012

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