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ATSR 4th international Symposium - Technology and Interpretation Reflecting the artist’s Process

Tuesday 01 September 2009 (Categories: Art Technological Source Research)

Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts, 23. - 24. September 2010

After three successful Symposia in Amsterdam (2004), Madrid (2006) and Glasgow (2008), the ICOM-CC working group Art Technological Source Research is organising its fourth international symposium, which will be hosted by the Institute for Conservation and Restoration of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

The focus of this meeting will be to reflect on the artistic process as manifested in the artwork itself and as documented in visual and written sources. The aim is to open a forum for discussion of ongoing technological research interpreting art from all disciplines and periods and exploring artists’ practice as recorded in treatises, manuals, artist’s correspondence, journals and also images such as photographs, films or prints etc. We especially welcome papers on the artistic process of modern and contemporary artists.

We hope to bring together members of the ATSR working-group but welcome and encourage all interested in art technological source research to submit abstracts. It is intended that Archetype Publications Ltd. will publish the papers as proceedings. We invite abstracts of 500 words in English, both for presentations and posters. Deadline for submission is Monday, February 8th, 2010 The conference will be in English. Please send abstracts to Sigrid Eyb-Green ( (assistant coordinator ATSR symposium 2010) The organizers seek to widen participation at this conference, so we would be grateful if you could publish this announcement in any available media and send it to anybody whom you might think will be interested.

For further information, please contact Sigrid Eyb-Green ( or Stefanos Kroustallis (stefanos.kroustallis@MCU.ES)



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