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Paintings Working Group - Virtual Courier Oversight in 2020-2021

Tuesday 06 April 2021 (Categories: Paintings)

For The ICOM-CC Paintings Working Group Virtual Interim Meeting

DATE & TIME: 28 April 2021, 16:00 BST (London)

With the onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic, many conservators working for museums and in private practice have participated in virtual courier oversight. Over the course of 2020 museum staff made valuable observations about the benefits and limitations of their approaches. Presenters working in a variety of contexts will share their lessons and insights through two short presentations. Questions and Discussion will follow


- An exploration of virtual couriers at the Portland Museum of Art, Maine
Erin Damon (Exhibitions Registrar at the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine, United States)
Nina Roth-Wells (Conservator in Private Practice, Nina A. Roth-Wells, LLC, Georgetown, Maine, United States)

- Needs Must: courier duties during a pandemic
Robyn Earl (Senior Exhibitions Manager, National Gallery, London, United Kingdom)
Claire Hallinan (Head Registrar, National Gallery, London, United Kingdom)
Lynne Harrison (Conservator, National Gallery, London, United Kingdom)


This meeting will be held virtually on Zoom. It will consist of two oral presentations, approximately 15 minutes in length, followed by questions and discussion.

The programme will NOT be recorded to encourage members to join live events and stimulate informal discussions.

For Zoom details, please RSVP with your full name, country of residence and put ‘Virtual Couriers’ in the subject line to:


*We will keep records of your personal details in compliance with EU-GDPR privacy regulations. Please contact us directly if you have any issues.

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