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Education and Training Working Group Interim Meeting, Lucknow, India - 5 & 6 December 2016

Wednesday 20 July 2016 (Categories: ICOM-CC, Education and Training in Conservation)

Education and Training Working Group Interim Meeting with National Research Laboratory for Conservation (NRLC), Lucknow, India, will be held on 5 & 6 December 2016.

This two-day ICOM-CC Education and Training Working Group Interim Meeting will gather relevant interested parties in the education and training of conservators in Indian museums and collections. The meeting will provide a platform for the main stakeholders, both national and foreign, involved in training conservators in India to meet and discuss the current situation with Indian museum directors, curators and conservators. The two day event will consist of keynote speakers and a discussion panel on the first day. The second day will consist of an expert meeting to discuss future steps in the training of conservators in India.

Call for Presentations: deadline 1 October 2016 to


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