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ICOM-CC Ethnographic Conservation Newsletter 30

Monday 02 February 2009 (Categories: Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures)

The ICOM-CC Ethnographic Conservation Newsletter #30 (January 2009) is now published and available. Feature articles include: 'The Limitations of Hand-held XRF Analyzers as a Quantitative Tool for Measuring Heavy Metal Pesticides on Art Objects', by Ozge Gençay Ustun;  and  'Disrobing: Research and Preventive Conservation of Painted Hide Robes at the Ethnological Museum, National Museums Berlin, Germany' by Helene Tello, Anne Gunnison and Nancy Fonicello; and 'Teaching Preservation of Tribal Collections in a Blended Format' by Ellen Pearlstein and Molly Gleeson. Enjoy!

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