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10th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments

Friday 23 December 2011 (Categories: Non ICOM/ICOM-CC, Scientific Research, Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decorations)

The IAQ International Scientific Committee have the pleasure to announce a Round Table discussion on the topic of “Standards and guidelines: hindrance or help?”, led by Professor May Cassar, UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage.

The aim of this Roundtable is to explore the relationship of heritage science with standards and guidelines. How is the evidence produced by heritage science contributing to the development of standards and guidelines? Are standards and guidelines of help, and if so, how and to whom? Are they of hindrance, and if so, how and to whom? Are standards and guidelines the same, or do they have a different purpose? The plethora of standards and guidelines in recent years suggests that they have an important purpose. The Roundtable will explore these questions and others in relation to the theme of this conference.

The Round Table will be organised on 20th June 2012 as part of the programme of the 10th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments at University College London, Centre for Sustainable Heritage, London:

The remit of the IAQ conference covers indoor environment-induced degradation, pollutant mitigation, climate control and modelling, air quality monitoring, air quality standards and guidelines. Both applied and original research contributions are highly welcome, including reviews of relevant research topics. Presentations by conservators, curators and museum professionals are as welcome as those by scientists.

Please see the website for details on registration, abstract submission and fees. Please book your place at the conference, which is likely to be oversubscribed, and your accommodation early.

The abstract submission deadline is 5 Jan 2012.

Matija Strlic PhD FRSC  Senior Lecturer and Course Director MRes Heritage Science 

UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage Bartlett School of Graduate Studies University College London Central House 14 Upper Woburn Place London WC1H 0NN T: +44 (0)20 3108 9036 M: +44 79 6492 5660 SKYPE: matija.strlic

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