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Papers Ethnographic Session: ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon

Monday 20 June 2011 (Categories: Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures)

The list of papers that will be presented at the upcoming ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, Sept. 19-13, 2011, is now posted on the Conference website.

The session of the Working Group on Ethnographic Collections will consist of the following 9 papers and 2 posters:

  • Reassessment of anoxic storage of ethnographic rubber objects, by J. Dyer, C. Ward, N. Rode, M. Hacke, Y. Shashoua

  • Sharing knowledge, by F. Fekrsanati, G. Scott, M. Reuss, R. Sulistianingsih

  • Joining broken wax fragments: testing tensile strength of adhesives for fragile and non-polar substrates, by A. Fischer, M. Eska

  • Lighting guidelines and the lightfastness of Australian indigenous objects at the National Museum of Australia, by B. Ford, N. Smith

  • A collaborative study of Native California featherwork, by E. Pearlstein, R. Riedler, M. Gleeson, J. Druzik, C. Pesme

  • Taking the ancestors on a visit: the role of conservators in reconnecting a collection of historic Blackfoot shirts with the community, by H. Richardson

  • Identification of animal species in skin clothing from museum collections, by A.L. Schmidt, M.T.P. Gilbert, E. Cappellini, J.V. Olsen

  • The preservation of Mâori textiles: collaboration, research and cultural meaning, by C. Smith, K.T. Kanawa, M. White

  • Investigation of non-aqueous remedial treatments for iron-tannate dyed textiles, by H. Wilson, P. Cruickshank, M. Hacke, R. Stacey, C. Carr, V. Daniels, M. Rigout

  • POSTER: The conservation of an early gut skin sail from the Hudson Strait, by K. Jackson, H. Richardson

  • POSTER: The conservation of a Tahitian mourner‟s costume, by J. Uden, H. Richardson

And of course there are many other papers during other Working Group (WG) sessions that will be of interest to this group..... for example:

  • ‟EthCon‟ – teaching ethics in conservation of ethnographic objects, by C. Brune, H. Häyhä (WG on Education and Training)

  • Between material conservation and identity preservation – the (sacred) life of medieval liturgical books, by I. Correia (WG on Graphic Documents)

  • Indigenous collections and issues around digital access – objects from the Pacific, by M. Jackson, P. Coughlin, V. Daniel (WG on Legal Issues)

  • Journeys of our ancestors: interdisciplinary research and its influence on conservation methodologies for the assessment of archaeological artifacts, by C.R. O’Grady, N. Odegaard, E.C. Adams (WG on Scientific Research)

  • The role of conservation in increasing awareness of Jamaican lacebark, by E. Brennan (WG on Textiles)

  • Case study of the effectiveness of removal of arsenic from textiles prior to exhibit, by R. Tinkham (WG on Textiles)

  • Identité, nation et patrimoine culturel. Perspectives sociologiques pour la conservation-restauration, by A.V. Cardenas (WG on Theory and History)

  • Recognizing the interdependent relationship between heritage and its wider context, by S. Court, J. Thompson, C. Biggi (WG on Theory and History)

Hope to see you there! Registration is now open, with lower fees available until the end of August 2011. Visit: .

-- Carole Dignard, Coordinator

ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference website

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