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Name Change Discussion Paper / Call for Further Input

Thursday 07 April 2011 (Categories: Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures)

With the assistance of the Name Change Committee, I have prepared a Discussion Paper, now posted on the ICOM-CC website, which provides background information on the Name Change initiative for our Working Group, various pros and cons of changing the Working Group’s Name, a list of possible alternative names with their pros and cons, and the next steps planned. The idea was to condense down the information gathered up to now from the membership, to help inform members and Interested parties and move the discussion forward. We would now like to hear further views on these issues and  welcome having these discussions posted on the ICOM-CC Forum under at (our Working Group's section). Following membership comments, the plan is to update this document so as to edit the text or add new ideas, comments and suggestions. Your input is appreciated!  

Discussion Paper

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