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ICOM-CC Directory Board members 2017-2020 




I was trained as a conservator in Brazil, at CECOR–Center for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, a focus center for university training of conservators since the beginning of the 1980’s. My undergraduate training is in history, and after specializing in Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Properties at CECOR I was able to gain more hands-on experience in the field, having worked as a conservator at the University of São Paulo.
Afterwards, I was able to work on my M.A. and Ph.D., combining my previous training in History and Conservation to perform research in the field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage. For the last twenty years, I have been teaching and researching within the fields of Art History, Conservation of Archaeological materials, Preventive Conservation, at CECOR, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. During 2015, I spent one year performing Post-Doctoral research work at ICCROM, in Rome, where I was able to go deep into the history of conservation and training, as well as into other issues related to legislation and conservation of cultural heritage. I am an active a voting member of ICOM-CC since 2007.
I am putting forward my name to serve as a member of the ICOM-CC Directory Board because I do believe that this organization needs input from diverse points of view and experiences, under a perspective of inclusiveness and mutual respect. It is very important to promote more participation of training courses, teachers, researchers, conservators, from countries with less financial resources, and several countries in Latin America and also Africa still need to be much closer to ICOM and ICOM-CC. My expectations are also towards effectively contributing to the process of making the ICOM-CC Triennial Preprints a indexed publication with high ranking within the realm of indexed publications, within the field of conservation of cultural heritage, given the already well known and recognized quality of the publication. I am prone to serve the ICOM-CC and also the Directory Board and have no problems in attending the annual Directory Board meetings.


United States of America

Nora Kennedy is the Sherman Fairchild Conservator in Charge of the Photograph Conservation Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, USA. During her 26 years at the Museum, she has worked on more than one hundred exhibitions and continues to expand the Museum’s initiatives in education, research, public outreach, and advocacy. Nora is an adjunct faculty member of New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts Conservation Center, sharing her passion for the technical history of photography and conservation with emerging conservators and art historians alike. Since 2005 she has collaborated with colleagues internationally to provide preservation training for collection keepers throughout the Middle East as part of the Middle East Photograph Preservation Initiative. In addition, she has taught workshops in Australia, Benin, Brazil, France, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia and South Africa, and has lectured on a variety of topics internationally. Kennedy has published on topics ranging from artist’s techniques; education and training; nineteenth-century daguerreotypes; the changing attitudes about contemporary color photographs; to global photograph conservation initiatives. In 2003 the University of Delaware awarded her a Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement. In 2006 she was awarded the American Institute for Conservation’s Sheldon and Carolyn Keck Award recognizing a sustained record of excellence in the education and training of conservation professionals. In 2011 she received the HP Image Permanence Award for her work with continuing professional development for conservators, the Digital Sample Sets, and the establishment of the Photograph Information Record.
Nora has been a member of ICOM-CC since 1996 and served as the Assistant Coordinator of what is now the Photographic Materials Working Group for two terms (1999-2005). Nora has benefitted enormously from her association with the ICOM-CC in meeting colleagues internationally, attending conferences, and presenting papers on numerous occasions. If elected to the Board, Nora Kennedy will be an active participant in the ICOM-CC, giving back to an organization she believes in strongly. Her experience in establishing initiatives; reviewing proposals, abstracts and papers; in international collaborations; and as an active advocate for our field will serve her well in this endeavor.



I started my career as a teacher of conservation at National Museum Institute (NMI) where I taught for 5 years. From 2006-2008, I worked very closely with ICOM-CC as a team member of the Project Team for 15th Triennial Conference at New Delhi and played a crucial role in the successful organization of the conference. Presently I am Associate Professor and Head of the Conservation Division of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi. I have been involved in organization of several collaborative programmes in the field of conservation with national and international bodies. I am currently the national contact for ICOM-CC Metal Working Group and have been presenting my research regularly in triennial meetings of the working group and triennial conferences of ICOM-CC.
Since 2014, I have been a member of the ICOM-CC Directory Board. Among the project areas in which I have contributed is on Loans and Environmental guidelines and was part of the project presentation team at the ICOM General Conference in Milano, Italy, 2016. I have also consulted for the upcoming Copenhagen conference, based on my previous experience with the New Delhi 2008 Triennial Conference.
In addition to the general responsibilities of ICOM-CC, I see my role to develop organizational network in Asia to disseminate information about the activities of ICOM-CC.
I strongly believe that I can effectively continue to contribute to ICOM and ICOM-CC if re-elected to the Board for the 2017–2020 triennium.


United Kingdom

I am a Brazilian conservator who has worked in South and North America, Europe and Africa. I have been a Lecturer in Conservation at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London since 2005, and acted as Coordinator of the ICOM-CC Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures Working Group (formerly known as Ethnographic Collections Working Group) for two consecutive triennials. These two terms as Coordinator have provided me significant experience, which motivates me to make further contributions to the discipline by participating in the Directory Board. My conservation practice and research encompass conservation theory, education, contemporary and indigenous art productions, participatory approaches to conservation, as well as archaeology.
My main objectives as Directory Board member would be to expand ICOM-CC’s membership and active participation of conservators in South America, Africa and Asia, encourage more open debate within ICOM-CC, as well as more dynamic participation of conservation students. As Directory Board member, I would use my cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience in democratic and participatory projects to bring the views of fellow conservators and conservation students to the table. The ultimate aim would be to identify and tackle the issues that can bring conservation forward in local and international contexts.



BA (Paintings Conservation) Espoo-Vantaa Polytechnic Finland
MA (Paintings Conservation) University of Gothenburg Sweden
MSc (Physics) Tartu University Estonia
Languages Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian

I started my professional career as a material scientist, worked at the Board of Antiquities and directed National Conservation Centre in Estonia. From 2001 until today – Head of Paintings Conservation, senior lecturer at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
Member of ICOM-CC since 1996. 1999–2008 Assistant Coordinator and Coordinator of the Working Group Education and Training in Conservation, 2008–2014 Assistant Coordinator of the Paintings Working Group. Member of ICOM-CC Directory Board, Treasurer 2014–2017.
Have been part of numerous commissions and committees; organized and assisted many WG interim meetings and workshops; edited proceedings and workshop materials.
My heart is in conservation education, despite the financial pressure and heavy cuts in recent years almost all around the world. I strongly believe that by providing young conservators entering our profession with in-depth theoretical and scientific knowledge combined with high level practical competences and social skills is the key to our profession’s success in the future.
Continuous international cooperation, openness, exchanging experiences and most recent knowledge in conservation practice, environmental / climate issues, raising awareness about importance of conservation profession and its influence on our common culture – these are our goals of today.
After serving one term as the member of the ICOM-CC Directory Board and the Treasurer, I have obtained good insight to the complex duties and responsibilities of the ICOM-CC DB and believe that I am able to contribute to the continuous success of the ICOM’s largest and strongest International Committee.



The Netherlands

Trained as an art historian and conservator, turned educator, I have worked in the field of conservation for over 20 years. Studying in the UK and Italy and, since 1999, working in The Netherlands has allowed me to experience three different cultures, viewpoints and approaches to conservation. These perspectives have emphasised the importance of openness, flexibility and context when defining conservation strategies. As Head of Education, SRAL (Maastricht) I work with students, conservators and museum staff in The Netherlands, in Europe, in Russia and in India giving workshops, providing training and mentoring professionals. Meeting new people and assimilating new ideas, often very different from those at home, is the best way to continuously grow and develop. Sharing developments and innovations in the field allows me to give back to the conservation community.
An eye for detail and the ability to listen to others are key qualities that, if elected, I would bring to the ICOM-CC Directory Board. Representing the most eminent professional body within our field would be an honour that I would use to promote the field of conservation, and its needs, within the museum community and to the public.
My active role in ICOM-CC started in the Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decoration Working Group assisting the coordinator for two triennia (2002–2008), followed by two terms as Coordinator (2008–2014), and latterly one term as Coordinator for the Education and Training in Conservation Working Group (2014–2017). As coordinator during these years, I have strongly promoted communications with members, encouraging them to exchange research, treatment methodologies and collection care polices. In this capacity, I instigated, in collaboration with other Working Groups, a number of successful international interim meetings. Networking, capacity building and dissemination are aims both core to the ICOM-CC strategic plan and to me personally. If elected, I hope to bring my positive outlook and organisational skills to accomplishing the tasks required of an ICOM-CC Directory Board member. I will be supported by SRAL and the University of Amsterdam.




Since joining the Danish National Museum Conservation Department in 1988, I have specialized in the conservation of waterlogged archaeological wood, from planning of excavations, raising timbers through to their conservation and exhibition. In recent years I have also been working with conservation registration and documentation issues, process control, standardisation, and project management. I contribute to the communication of the profession writing articles for different types of publications, consultancy, teaching and public lectures. Reaching out – outside the conservation profession – explaining WHY and HOW we work with cultural heritage is important to me.
I coordinated the ICOM-CC Working Group for Wet Organic Archaeological Materials from 2004 to 2011 and was elected to the 2011–2014 ICOM-CC Directory Board where I served as the liaison between the 21 Working Group Coordinators and the Board, initiated the revision of the Manual for Coordinators and compiled the final programme for the Triennial Conference in 2014. Inspired by the vitality of the committee and its members, I continued as Chair of ICOM-CC in the 2014–2017 triennium; an educational and very worthwhile experience.
My motivation for doing a third triennium on the Directory Board is directly linked to my wish to conclude a project started in the 2014–2017 triennium; making the ICOM-CC Conference Preprints accessible to the profession on a worldwide scale through open online access. Secondly, I would like to continue the implementation of the Manual for Coordinators to assist navigation in a growing and more complex organisation.
The years on the Board have provided me with knowledge on the functioning and administration of our own committee as well as that of ICOM where I am elected spokesperson for the 30 International Committees. If re-elected, I will bring my competencies to the new Board and seek to stimulate a good working atmosphere between ICOM-CC, its membership and the other international committees of ICOM.




I am a Chilean citizen. I have been a member of ICOM-CC since 1986, and have experience on the Directory Board first as a member and then this past triennium as Vice-Chair. I would like to provide continuity on the Board.
While on the ICOM-CC Directory Board I have represented the Committee by serving on the ICOM Specialized Committee, Disaster Relief Task Force. I was a member of the Selection Committee for Getty Foundation Grants, contributing my experience and enthusiasm to the selection of the grant recipients to Melbourne and to Copenhagen.
For many years, I have been part of the coordination for the ICOM-CC Metals Working Group and I have been director of the Latin-American metal restoration group.
I am a specialist in Pre-Columbian and Colonial objects. I have published 4 books on conservation as well as many articles. I was in charge of the collection at the National History Museum in Chile for 16 years. Since 1998, I have been at the University of Chile in the area of cultural heritage, and 14 years as Director of the post-graduate program in restoration at the university.
I currently work with specialists and students in South America, Asia, Australia and Africa: ICOM-CC is part of a big world. I would love to continue to contribute to ICOM-CC professionally and as a caring individual.
I love my work!
I have the necessary talent to coordinate projects and to motivate and fill my colleagues and students with enthusiasm and I bring this capacity and expertise to the ICOM-CC Directory Board.

¡Les apoyare en todo lo que pueda!

Je souhaiterais travailler dans l'intérêt de tous du mieux possible.


P. R. China


Professor PAN Lu, Head of the Conservation Center of the National Museum of China, in Beijing, kindly agreed to assist the ICOM-CC Directory Board on questions regarding the Chinese conservation landscape and provide the Board with useful information in the planning for the ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Beijing in 2020. The National Museum of China is a National Organizing Committee partner for the Beijing Triennial Conference.
The Conservation Center was established in 1952 with the the Objects Restoration Section. After 60 years, the Center has developed into five independent sections with advanced scientific conservation technology; specifically: Objects Conservation Laboratory, Analysis and Environment Monitoring Laboratory (Office of Key Scientific Research Base of Metal Artifacts of State Administrator of Culture Heritage), Objects Restoration and Replication Section, Calligraphy and Paintings Section, Archives and Documents Replication Section.

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