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Corpus Vitrearum International
Recherche Internationale sur le Vitrail / International Research on Stained Glass / Internationale Glasmalereiforschung
CORPUS VITREARUM MEDII AEVI (CVMA) is the first enterprise of art history to be organized at an international level. CVMA is concerned with systematic research of stained glass.
The web site provides information about art history and conservation of stained glass.

The web site of the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA) of Great Britain explains their activities, presents their digital picture archive, and sets out international conservation guidelines for the medium. The web site (tab on “conservation”) provides an introduction to the production, materials and methods, scientific research, and cleaning of stained class as well as translations of important German publications on the topic.

The International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass is concerned with the various questions of preservation, conservation and restoration of historical stained glass. Created in the framework of the Corpus Vitrearum, the committee has been associated with the International Stained Glass Committee of the ICOMOS since 1982, in order to access a wider base of protection of cultural heritage. The committee drew up the Guidelines for the Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass (first edition Vienna 1989; second edition Nuremberg 2004), according to the decades of experience of relevant specialists. The web site also provides information about conferences and publications on stained glass.

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