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Heritage Wood: Research & Conservation in the 21st Century

Joint Interim Conference of ICOM-CC Working Groups:

Wood, Furniture, & Lacquer - Scientific Research - Sculpture, Polychromy, & Architectural Decoration

Hosted in Collaboration With The National Museum In Warsaw, and The Academy Of Fine Arts In Warsaw

28 –30 October, 2013
Location: National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

The conference will focus on novel scientific methods and applied research into heritage wooden structures, as well as furniture, wooden sculpture, painted wood, gilded wood, varnished wood, lacquered wood, paintings on wooden supports, and all other heritage wooden objects.

Themes will include:

  • Advances in scientific research applied to heritage wood for analysis and conservation.
  • The study and elucidation of mechanisms of wood damage and wood deterioration associated with environmental and physical conditions.
  • The interrelation between the wood and various finishing layers.
  • Novel conservation methods applied to unvarnished, varnished, polychrome, or gilded wood (sculptures, paintings on wooden supports, furnishings & furniture, architectural structures and decorations).
  • Case studies highlighting problems associated with heritage wood conservation, novel solutions and appropriate treatments.
  • Case studies emphasizing complex research of artworks on wooden supports linking technical investigations with historical context and subsequent conservation treatment.

The meeting will provide a forum for discussion between conservation scientists, researchers, educators and practising conservators. The conference aims to bring together international experts on heritage wood research and to provide a great opportunity for the worldwide conservation community to exchange new research, experiences and expertise. It is the intention of the organisers to publish all accepted papers in English, however oral presentations at the conference will be allowed in both official languages of the meeting, Polish and English, and simultaneous translation will be provided.

For more information on the conference, its programme, venue, excursions, and  accommodation in Warsaw  see the conference website:

The Conference Organizing Committee

  • Kate Seymour, Coordinator, ICOM-CC Sculpture, Polychromy, & Architectural Decoration Working Group,
  • Dr Austin Nevin, Coordinator, ICOM-CC Scientific Research Working Group,
  • Dr Malgorzata Sawicki, Coordinator, ICOM-CC Wood, Furniture, & Lacquer Working Group,
  • Marcin Draniak, Coordinator- contacts with the Director, Head of Laboratory, National Museum in Warsaw,
  • Dr Elżbieta Pietrusińska-Pilecka , Art Science and Conservation Specialist, National Museum in Warsaw,
  • Dorota Ignatowicz-Woźniakowska, Head of Conservation Department, National Museum in Warsaw,
  • Prof. Iwona Szmelter, Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,


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