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Scientific Research Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017


Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:

  • Interim Meeting April 2015. Technart/ICOM-CC Scientific Research Working Group Interim Meeting coordinated by Assistant Coordinator Austin Nevin . The Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators will assist in planning and implementation as needed. The meeting highlights non-destructive analysis of art, an important and growing part of scientific research, a core interest of the Working Group.
  • Newsletter. One to two newsletters to be organized by Assistant Coordinator Joy Mazurek. The newsletters will contain updates on projects that have been included in the Scientific Research Working Group sessions at ICOM-CC conferences. This will provide continuity between meetings and allow for informal reports on project development. Scientific Research Working Group members will also be encouraged to submit updates on other projects that may not have been covered by ICOM-CC conferences.
  • Update ICOM-CC Scientific Research Working Group webpage.
  • Update membership through e-mail announcements/updates.
  • Joint Working Group Interim Meeting April 2016 on conservation science and education in conjunction with the Education and Training in Conservation Working Group. The meeting is being planned and it is anticipated that it will be held in April immediately prior to the Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation (ANAGPIC) meeting at Harvard Art Museums, USA. The meeting will be organized by Coordinator Narayan Khandekar and the current Beal Family post-doctoral fellow in conservation science. The Beal Fellow has a three-year position in the analytical laboratory in the Analytical Lab of the Straus Center, Harvard art Museums. This position provides an opportunity for a scientist to refocus his/her education for a career in a museum. One of the responsibilities that each Fellow undertakes is the organization of a symposium/conference, and the ICOM-CC Interim Meeting would be an ideal opportunity for both ICOM-CC and the Fellow. The meeting will focus on conservation science education in a broad sense, including education of students, the press, and museum benefactors. It is hoped that by viewing the field in a larger sense, education will be seen as valuable in bringing in a wider awareness, funding, as well as new workers. Talks will be selected by the Assistant Coordinators as required. No publication will be produced. It is hoped that this will encourage people to present work that is in progress and by removing the pressure of a permanent record, allow a freer flow of ideas.
  • Promote the use of the ICOM-CC website forum for discussion.



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