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Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020

Working Group Activities and Projects 2014-2017:


 Specific themes for investigation/research

  • Cleaning of decorative wooden surfaces (focus on gilded and lacquered surfaces)
  • Ethical issues and education offerings related to the treatment of decorative surfaces
  • Reflect of communication tools within and outside of our group. Address attracting new members and encouraging participation and exchanges within the group.



  • Interim meeting spring 2019, potentially in Paris in a possible round-table/expert meeting format.
    • Theme: cleaning of decorative surfaces, with focus on lacquered and gilded surfaces and incorporating discussions on ethical issues involved in treatment decision making.
    • Reflection on ways to facilitate dialogue between conservators and other stakeholders, discuss education needs/offerings, as well as treatment approaches. 
    • Report to be posted on the ICOM-CC website by the end of the triennium.
  • Prepare and conduct the Wood, Furniture and Lacquer Working Group session at the 19th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference, Beijing, September 2020.


  • Communication through use of the website, Working Group newsletters and creation of either a Facebook or LinkedIn page.
  • Newsletters to be published online via ICOM-CC Working Group page at least once a year in the spring.


  • Create bibliography of Working Group past publications  from Interim Meetings.
  • Complete Postprints of past interim meeting in Potsdam (April 2016): “Historic and modern assemblages: treatments of wood based multimedia artworks /interiors in context”.
  • Development of an emerging professional network with potential mentor/mentee program.
  • Potentially conduct interviews of conservators of gilded and lacquered surfaces in connection with the oral history project led by Joyce Hill Stoner (FAIC Oral History Project).



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