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Textiles Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020

Working Group Activities and Projects 2014-2017:


Specific themes for investigation/ideas: 

  • Costume conservation (for Interim Meeting).
  • New developments in treating textiles: studies, refinements, new methods.
  • Contaminants within collections, e.g. from pesticides, disasters, disaster recovery, and the risks these may pose to the collections, people, and the environment.
  • Conservation challenges of synthetic materials (in association with ICOM-CC Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Working Group).



  • Interim Meeting focussing on costume to be hosted by the Abegg-Stiftung in Riggisberg (near Bern, Switzerland) in May or June 2019. Possible collaboration with ICOM Costume Committee. 
  • Initial exploration to hold a future Interim Meeting focussing on carpet and batik on silk conservation in Azerbaijan.
  • Investigation into the possibility of a textile visit in Kyoto in September er 2019 as part of ICOM-CC's activities for the ICOM General Conference.


  • Newsletters - at least one each year with next one to be issued in winter 2018. 
  • Establish a social media presence via a LinkedIn page to keep continual communication on conferences and exhibits of interest to Textiles Working Group members and to improve contacts with emerging conservators.


  • Compile a bibliographical list of publications by the Textiles Working Group. 



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