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Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration Working Group Triennial Programme 2014-2017

Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:

  • Expand the database of members through website and members, especially in countries and regions currently less represented (South America and China).
  • Expand communication to social media (blog) to reach young generations of conservators (students) for exchange of expertise, learning and contacts, regardless of location and ability to travel.
  • Maintain and build on initiated collaboration with the ICOM International Committee for Historic House Museums (DEMHIST) through participation in the Committee’s conferences, events.
  • Bibliography and review of working programmes towards the 50th Anniversary Project for ICOM-CC.
  • Interim meeting in 2015 in Spain.
  • Projects related to ICOM-CC Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

Specific themes of research/ investigations:

‘Materials, methods and practices in the conservation and restoration of sculpture’.
After the previous two triennia that explored artistic traditions, construction and decorative techniques in the practice of sculpture – in the coming triennium, the Working Group will focus on current conservation and restoration principles, materials and practices in the conservation and restoration of sculpture across regions and cultures.
Comparison of materials, methods and practices using historic case studies/publications will contribute to the history project of ICOM-CC and to this Working Group in particular, which will provide a general overview of trends, developments and fashions in the nature of conservation of sculpture, polychromy and architectural decoration.
Information about current materials and practices employed in the conservation of sculpture and experiences with available new products and/or techniques will be exchanged and appraised within a broad context.

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