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Paintings Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020


Working Group Activities and Projects 2017-2020:


 Specific themes for investigation/research

  •  “Decision and methodology in treatment” will be a main focus area for this triennium. 
  • Focus on issues related to modern and contemporary paintings.



  • Investigating with Theory and History of Conservation Working Group an interim meeting to be held in Europe mostly likely in 2019.
  • Another interim meeting for spring 2019 in the United States is under discussion and focusses on the topic: structural treatment of the canvas support.
  • Preparation of the Working Group session for the Triennial Conference in Beijing 2020


  • Posting of professional activities and events on the website
  • Newsletters will be published and posted twice a year. 


  • Publish the extended abstracts of the Working Group Interim Meeting held in Paris, September 2016. 
  • Compile a bibliography of all the past publications organized by the Painting Working Group, especially during interim meetings.



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